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      Serenity Technology

      Don't stress over your tech. We give you peace of mind.

      Our Story

      Serenity Technology began as a side job – moonlighting to enjoy projects that couldn’t be done during the day or weren’t approved by the bosses. Now that side job has grown into a full time business. A business that focuses entirely on software – web, desktop, and mobile applications for any platform. Life experience has taught us that technology has a tendency to dominate your time and leave you stressed out due to the pace of advancement and obsolescence and the constant need to learn and adopt the latest and greatest.

      Our purpose is to relieve you of the stress of meeting your technical goals. Our level of expertise will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to concern yourself with anymore technical decisions (unless you really want to).

      Software is our Specialty

      Experienced in building software from scratch as well as managing commercial and industrial systems. There is no project too complex for us.


      Forward Thinking

      Since inception, we have been on the leading edge of the software field. If you have a problem that requires innovation, you can count on us.

      Problem Solvers

      We are committed to excellence and never leaving a project unfinished. We believe that if the job can’t be done right, it shouldn’t be done at all.

      Customer Support

      Top notch client assistance. You don’t just get support with Serenity Technology. You get excellent consulting and guidance.

      Project Management

      When you work with Serenity Technology, you aren’t contracting with a programmer working from his mother’s basement. You are contracting with a business experienced in leading a team of software experts.

      Web Applications

      We design, manage, and host web applications for professional and eCommerce clients using proven platforms. We also as build and manage software for the industrial and medical sector.

      Desktop & Mobile

      Although web apps dominate the market today, there is still a need for software running on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. We are experienced building and managing software for a variety of markets.

      Software Integration

      Many organizations run multiple systems from different vendors but they need the data to work together for analysis and reporting. We have experience integrating even the most unfriendly of systems.

      What are you waiting for?