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      Rock RMS

      Church Management System

      A Non-Profit App for Non-Profit Organizations!

      Get Rock RMS and become part of the community that is making church and non-profit management better! It’s a robust and proven system that was built and updated using donations from other ministries and partners. It’s more flexible than the rest because it can be modified by anyone with the skillset. You just need some technical staff or outside help to get it up and running. Serenity Technology is an official Rock RMS partner and has a decade of experience in the platform and programming that powers Rock RMS!

      Get Rock RMS with Serenity Technology!

      Family Management

      Individuals and families are at the core of Rock RMS. Manage all aspects of a person’s life – from families, pictures, addresses, campus attendance, school grades, personality profiles, and more. Serenity Technology will make sure all your church visitor and membership data is stored safe and secure so you can keep using one of the best open source church management tools on the web.


      Many of your organization’s strategies are about helping people move from one state to another. Often this movement isn’t a straight line, but more of a meandering path. When the path takes an extended period of time it’s possible for people to fall through the cracks. Now you can help your people, regardless if they are ministers, volunteer staff, in a group every week, or just visiting. And Serenity Technology can make sure you know how with rock solid consulting and a stable system.

      Events & Calendars

      Rock’s event registration features provide a simple tool to not only know who is planning to attend, but also to take care of many of the mundane tasks like event payments. This works together with Rock’s robust calendar management for public and private church calendars. Coupled with Serenity Technology’s hosting, administration, and software expertise you can manage your entire church with ease.

      Much More

      There is so much more you can do with Rock RMS. Accept donations, manage your kid’s ministry, and access reporting…Serenity Technology will show you how. We can host your system (or help you host it yourself), administer your system, and even extend it to meet your specific church needs with custom programming.

      Don't stress over your tech. We give you peace of mind.

      Serenity Technology has the expertise to help you host on your church server or host on our servers, build and administer your system, train your staff, and even extend your Rock RMS church management system with custom programming. There is no need to go to anyone else!

      Host and Startup

      Our first choice for you is a free cloud server using Microsoft Azure. We’ll simply notify you when everything is set up and ready for testing. If the cloud is not an option or you prefer to host on a server inside your church network then we can do that too! We can help you purchase a server, set it up, get it connected, and then startup your system. We handle the entire lifecycle!

      Configuration and Administration

      After your server is set up, we build out your system and configure it to meet your needs. That could simply mean setting up all the ministries from scratch or it could mean importing all data from your previous system. It doesn’t matter if you are running Fellowship One or a folder of spreadsheets. Either way you are covered!

      Support and Extend

      Serenity Technology provides post-install support, consulting, and programming to maintain your system and even extend it to meet new needs that are unique to your ministries. Take advantage of a decade of coding experience! Contact us now and start managing your church right!

      Get Rock RMS with Serenity Technology!

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